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"Where our hands and our hearts show our commitment to him (our god)"

Through our ministries is how we fulfill our mission and vision of the church:

Women Ministry
  • Matron Ministry

  • Mission Ministry

Music/Choir Ministry
  • Adult

  • Youth

  • Male

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Hospitality Ministry
  • Usher Ministry

  • Food Service Ministry

Youth (H.Y.P.E. InChrist) Ministry
  • Helping Young People Excel InChrist.  Our youth ministry is designed to offer our youth a ministry that allows them to express their gifts, talent, and ability through services that offer direction in making Godly decision in an ever changing world.

  • Sunday School

  • Bible Study

  • Children Church

  • Youth Summit 

  • H.Y.P.E. Night

Christian Education
  • Sunday School (Adult & Youth)

  • Bible Study (Adult & Youth)

  • Children Church (Youth ages 5 to 12)

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Other Ministries
  • Good Grief Ministry

  • Health and Wellness Ministry

  • Media Ministry

  • Transportation Ministry

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